We aim to understand cellular responses to environmental cues and intercellular communications within the microenvironment, especially in the context of cancer.

The three keywords for our research are cancer, immunity, and iron metabolism. We previously revealed 1) an ubiquitin network involving the regulation of mammalian iron metabolism, 2) regulatory mechanisms of the Hippo intracellular pathway, and 3) a regulatory mechanism of host anti-cancer immunity by the tumor-intrinsic signaling pathway. The goal of our research is to understand cell-cell communication mechanisms regulating tissue homeostasis, and to provide scientific basis for drug discovery.

Iron metabolism

Work in our lab is currently focusing on describing a new regulatory network controlling iron metabolism.

Hippo pathway

A focus of our lab is to understand physiological regulations of and by the Hippo pathway in development and cancer.

Cancer immunity

We aim to understand how cancer cell immunogenicity is regulated by intracellular signaling network.

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