Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University

We aim to reveal molecular mechanisms regulating tissue homeostasis.


Learn more about our work:  PUBLICATION LIST

  • [22'.11.8] Combined Effect of Bacteria and Iron Levels on the Progression of Colorectal Cancer  PRESS RELEASE
  • [19'.9.13] Spotlight on early-career researchers: an interview with Toshiro Moroishi  INTERVIEW
  • [19'.3.18] Iron overload and liver cancer  RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT
  • [17'.5.15] The large tumor suppressor family: friend or foe?  RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT
  • [17'.2.5] Deletion of LATS1/2 Hippo Pathway Kinases Enhances Antitumor Immunity  RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT
  • [16'.12.19] Hippo Wades into Cancer Immunology  RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT
  • [16'.12.1] Study Reveals New Role for Hippo Pathway in Suppressing Cancer Immunity  PRESS RELEASE
  • [11'.9.7] An Iron-Clad Role for Proteasomal Degradation  RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT


The keywords for our research are cancer, immunity, and iron metabolism. 


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Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University


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